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Market Growth

Marketing is all about your growth. Across your portfolio we can help you with tools and management to maximize your inbound marketing.

Marketing Planning

Strategic marketing planning can be a long detailed  event. We can assist you at any point in the process. Starting at the strategic template, to communications planning. And most importantly the strategic direction for your company.

Digital Transformation

Communications in the digital sphere has skyrocketed in 2020. Healthcare communication has followed this trend. As a result marketing communication has moved to where the customers are. We can show you the way.

What we do for you


Marketing Effectiveness

Marketing the right way can be a challenge. Sometimes all you need is tweaking a message for the leads to flow in. You do not need a big project to get in touch with us. Our goal is to work with you, to your budget, and put your marketing in better shape.


Customer Touchpoints

Customer communication increasingly takes place online. Integrating and automating some of your customer communication can free up your time and improve your lead generation. Take your existing social networks, CRM and your website to the next level.


Brand Management

Your brand story is so much more than your name and logo. It is a powerful element that when used correctly turns customers into promoters. Let us help you build your story, and harness its true value.

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Should you outsource to a marketing agency?

Should you outsource to a marketing agency?

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Strategic Marketing Planning – a 10 Step Process

More than ever before, your sales force needs a strategic plan that can be executed. The medical device market is becoming a crowded place. Innovation is incremental. Furthermore, prices are going down despite profits increasing by the private health providers. To...

The Medical Device Marketing Paradox

Do you work in medical device marketing, or need the services of a medical device marketer? If so, you are in good company. The industry is filled with people, mostly inhouse marketers who are well educated, enthusiastic and even creative. You are probably friends...

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