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3 Medical Device Marketing Strategies for 2021

3 Medical Device Marketing Strategies for 2021

3 Marketing strategies that work in 2021 All marketing has seen a shift in focus since the start of the pandemic. Your medical device marketing strategy is no exception. Attending operating theatres and medical clinics has either been completely banned or heavily...

Should you outsource to a marketing agency?

Should you outsource to a marketing agency?

Outsourcing itself has been around as a concept for a long time. Companies started to put greater focus on its core competencies. This came from a need to be more flexible, and reduce large management teams. Subsequently it became a formal and recognized business...

Strategic Marketing Planning – a 10 Step Process

More than ever before, your sales force needs a strategic plan that can be executed. The medical device market is becoming a crowded place. Innovation is incremental. Furthermore, prices are going down despite profits increasing by the private health providers. To...

The Medical Device Marketing Paradox

Do you work in medical device marketing, or need the services of a medical device marketer? If so, you are in good company. The industry is filled with people, mostly inhouse marketers who are well educated, enthusiastic and even creative. You are probably friends...

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